About Jordon Robertson

Sales Representative



I've decided to only sell what I know best and care most about; where I was born, raised and live until now. I have watched Etobicoke and the West End of the GTA evolve from the start, rising from fields of grass into communities and flourishing suburbs.

My passion and confidence stem from a lifetime of understanding the history, properties and areas that I've called home, offering unparalleled service and product knowledge. Enthusiasm with a kind hand keeps things positive with open communication, while I maintain a firm approach through direction and shared knowledge.

Trustworthy, Likable, Always Caring, Always Referred.

Clients are for Life. This is a service industry. I keep you informed far beyond transactions, continuously engaging with new information and always open to real estate talk about your home and OUR community.

I am living my dream. I am always here to help YOU.

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